100% French manufacturing by 3 experienced companies
and recognized in their field.


Since 1947, GENIN has been designing and manufacturing treatment,
massage and physiotherapy tables, the leading French manufacturer of beds with jacks.

The collaboration with Dr Michel Koch almost 30 years ago led to the creation of the Koch bench, and more recently of the ULTRA KOCH EXERCISE echocardiography couch..

GENIN is part of the new FizFab group (LAROQ fitness device, Multiwell, creator of well- being).

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A specialized range for functional rehabilitation.

From study to production, Tech Med Tm is in constant search of the greatest reliability for its products, through proven industrial technology, through exceptional mastery of applied techniques.

Tech Med Tm manufactures the ergometer for the ULTRA KOCH EXERCISE table, and the brand new KORELE born from the collaboration between Dr Michel Koch and Thierry Ledroit, CEO.

Since 2018, Tech Med Tm has become a brand of the FizFab group.

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For more than 20 years, Techno Concept has been one of the main designers and producers of innovative solutions for health professionals in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

With Dr Michel Koch, Techno Concept has developed the MOVEO, an essential complement to the Koch bench, making it possible to optimize the patient’s work and reduce the duration of re-education.

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Cardionet, at the service of cardiology.

Cardionet, a major player in the cardiology and functional exploration market, is the partner of leading brands in their market. Cardionet advises and supports its clients in the fields of cardiology, sport, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and research.

Whether in liberal medicine or in community, Cardionet offers the most suitable devices and services to guarantee the quality of the measurements as well as the safety of the patient, the athlete and the health personnel.

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30 years of experience in the equipment of practices and cardiology centers.

IT and medical equipment are at the heart of our activity.

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Partner of the Swiss hospital world since 1988, mail order, internet, e-
commerce of the medical world.

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SCRIM is a subsidiary of the Best Health holding, a Moroccan leader in
medico-surgical equipment.

Specializing in the distribution of medical equipment, SCRIM was founded in 1969. The company markets a full range of medical equipment that meets the increasingly sophisticated needs of a wide range of health professionals.

SCRIM is the distributor of PHILIPS EPIQ and AFFINITY ultrasound scanners in Morocco.

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